Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Screencaps Post-Sin City "A Dame to Die For "-Part 2

Especially for Charlie -here's the second helping of screencaps from Rob Rodriguez and Frank Millers noir pulp masterpiece-(sorry this took so long) not sure you guys skip these posts seeing as there are so many pictures  but they're useful to me as a storyteller (the old street gang remind me of my own  creations The Deadly Sins-except my story will be far more colourful and British) and Nancy(Jessica Alba ) is very much in Louisa Sheen (see Rumble to discover her)mould -except rather than having my own character as an avenging angel type she'll be more of a cool head in a crisis type of girl... but I digress -may come in use for any cosplayers too-mind you to get the full effect you have  to paint yourself grey all over  lol -Jessica's fantastic in this movie -she's getting better as an actress with each movie-and she's got that Rebel Girl look right too (hair reminds me of Nadya from Pussy Riot -before it went blonde)and  If you ask me to number these you can feck right off.


Charlie said...

Thanks man. Jessica Alba looks so bad ass. Her jacket is incredible.

ramonetrooper said...

You're Welcome Charlie-I may feature her again soon on the other blog-good actress.

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