Sunday, 17 May 2015

Studded Cool-Post 18

Nice portrait  of  by Bruce
I've featured this model/biker  on  a Lookbook post the other month-
She has a few sites so I've  settled for lookbook page as a jump off point. if you're interested .
5.  who I've also featured here on "Looking  at You "post (actually thought that was a pretty good idea for a regular post)seeing as it's all about now and new.

I'll link Carla's husband  as well- seeing as he 's bought out so many nice pics of Carla and other photo models over last few years-
First  post rant post  here although I have  posted since on LBII - I think I was  cheesed off because well more people could of voted- I do check the stats here-it's about 1500 hits a day - not a colossal amount -but enough for me to keep up interest here-I don't like silent majorities they usually  ruin things  I've noticed- hope new spam detector thing isn't putting people off comments -your feedback is always welcome as long as it's civilized.


Traveller28 said...

Do you mind if I add a link to your site on my blog? Just checking! :)

ramonetrooper said...

Go right on ahead-I didn't realise you had a blog? I can link yours too I did check out flickr page -maybe I should link that ? its up to you traveller .

ramonetrooper said...

Ahhh .. Just found it I'll link it later and feature a few pics as a introduction-hopefully bring in a few more visitors too:)

Traveller28 said...

Cheers! Either is site is fine :) And thank you for that, I really appreciate the traffic :)

I've added a link to your site :)

ramonetrooper said...

Likewise here - hopefully pick up some new visitors here too.Thanks for adding link-got some other interesting links on your blog too.

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