Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Videodrome-Post 6

Really should start with Debbie here seeing as she starred in the original movie Videodrome.
Thought for this video post I'd feature musicians that have become style icons rather than models this week -in fact this feature I can be loose and broad with the scope on what I can post here-which I prefer anyhow + any  excuse to  feature Debbie, Siouxsie and Dee Dee as I think they're all great... so instead of an endless playlist featuring these artists  thought I'd  screen some interviews instead tonight... starting off with an interview featurig Debbie and Chris from 1999.

Not sure part 3 ever existed -couldn't find it on this channel -somethings are taken down or muted on youtube.

Probably featured Siouxse here just as much as Debbie over the years here -like Blondie they were a key group in punk period and the fall out from that-glad I got to see these bands as a kid on Top of the Pops and all the other yoof tv that was around  back then in UK -guess they were like T-Rex or Bowie for my generation - you could never tell what her next image was going to be like-which is sort of like a Lady Stardust -always interesting-and never gimmicky -wherever the music went it effected the groups appearence- so it felt natural in a way   rather than a fluffy that followed fashion and trends-guess you could say punk was all about creating your own world -that's excatly what The Banshees did .
Very cool hat... it's pity about the quality though...vhs cassettes don't really stand the test of time .. another interview from 1983/84 I guess..
Creatures interview from 99 -starts of French -but it's mostly in English.
THE CREATURES – Siouxsie & Budgie i/v (Paris... by zoot1969Finally video from present day a quick Q&A with Siouxsie

Next up someone who recently did a fantastic homage to Banshees /Creatures "Johnny Jupiter" you may of saw it on video playlist from a week or so ago -I haven't seen sights and sounds like that since 1982's like been 9 years old all over again seeing that video.
The Dum Dum Girls are becoming the "Carla" of my music posts here lol.. that's because they've written some great tunes and have got the good taste to cover Big Star ,Strawberry Switchblade and The Smiths (they really should compile a Pin Ups style record some day) and rock some nice jackets(and shades)too  like this one Dee Dee is sporting in this interview... can't embed but it's a nice interview 

I featured that tune in 2nd playlist this month ..I'll more than likely feature the other two tracks in a future playlist. Not a Dum Dum at all but multi-talented -(plays keyboards and; drums as well as guitar and vocals-the whole first album is her)I look foward to next album -I hear it might be like Station to Station or Roxy Music -so that should be fascinating.

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