Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Cool Cats -Post 32.

Not a huge pic but a nice one of Honor and Patrick -like I said on Friday-doubt this blog and I doubt you'd even see women wearing leather that much if it wasn't for his brillant idea.

Karina Catwoman-http://yesnomaybesoh.blogspot.co.uk/
 The Wasp- bound to see some real ones in this hot weather ..not so keen on them though.

Header Poll soon-a Perfecto Day post.


Dameon Hall said...

Do you know the woman's name in the first pic?

ramonetrooper said...

Found this a few weeks ago on Tumblr -I'll have to retrace steps in internet history -if I find out where I found this image I'll link it under pic.

Traveller28 said...

Superb post on a topic close to my heart ;) thank you!

ramonetrooper said...

Hi Trav- hope all is well- I'll try and feature your wife Linda again soon and give your blog a plug -possibly when next glove postcomes around -which will be sometime next week -have a nice weekend the two of you.

Traveller28 said...

cheers! that is very generous of you :D

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