Friday, 12 June 2015

June 2015-Playlist 3

 Zombierella Girl from Messer Chups-a couple more pics towards end of post...
Already a new playlist- I think I'll end June with my very own virtual festival here  -so that will be playlist filled with full sets if possible..(which should work out cheaper and less muddy that way lol -just press pause if I need the bog with no queing lol)
Tonights Playlist features ..
Photo by  as are the excellent Tamaryn and Oh!Gunquit live shots

Also starring... Phantogram
Zohra of Azar Swan-here with Lydia Lunch(I remember drawing her as a kid -if I can find pic I'll photograph it and put it up on other blog-I think it looked more like Tina Turner though lol)
Sleigh Bells
Oh!Gunquit!..I was there the second video -plenty more of this band on my new blog
"It's where it's at!" (crap plug I know )..but it is.

 Dustaphonics(swiftly becoming a playlist fave a great mix of Surf and Soul).

And a few more of Zombierella as I round off this playlist with Messer Chups... so it gets a bit twangy towards the finale.

 It should be fun compering a shiny festival -even if it's virtual -it's bound to be rockin'.

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