Monday, 29 June 2015

Trooperpalozza Day 2-

Headliners just had to be Girlschool-seeing as their record the split with Motorhead was very first single I owned :)
pure Kerrang that one lol
co Headliners
Always loved Thee Barbara..
 A Playlist louder than The Who!

First act is real classic headbanger stuff-love it -reminds me of been 6 grooving to Lizzy  :) Christian Mistress.
Brody Dalle Electric/Accostic I know how to organise a virtual festival lol
Pragues finest The Agony.
 Indiscipline -much more heavier & louder tone than day one-no idea what theme day three will have.

Black State Highway-heavy blues and soul

Black Moth-(Supporting The Sisters   it seems)
Nearest I'll get to Kayne ... least you get the truth from these guys,

Day 3 when I feel like it  lol

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