Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Trooping The Colours -Post 32

Excellent set of pics and outfits from Poland
be sure to check out links or photographer and  the designer too..
From a shoot featuring


For Simion -I finally found the flickr gallery where red coated model picture originated -as well as  other awesome fantastic pictures-one or two I've featured here in the past- .

Nicky -   (there's a few  topless  images -I'd better say  just in case anyone has problems with that ..)
Not to be confused with  that thing Liz II  did last weekend -is a good name for this series of posts though.


Anonymous said...

great collection well researched as for pic 1 just loved it to bits looked at the link some fantastic pics BUT did you look at Thunderball clothing shear fantastic for leather beauties must be hundreds if not 100 pics of leather clad beauties.

earl does love this blog spent so long today looking at it was late for work.

ramonetrooper said...

Sorry about that Earl lol.. maybe check out blog after work rather than before I guess... if you can get the time that is. Thunderball clothing should go into film /tv wardrobe design- very Mad Max style ..that gear would look great in that type of movie I'll add them to links later.

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