Wednesday, 8 July 2015

July 2015 Playlist 2

 1. Rosanne Cash.

Latest playlist started off with a an Americana theme - beginning with a moving tribute to Johnny Cash from his daughter Rosanne -it was moving as when I put this playlist together it was my Dad's birthday and my Dad aint around either - but he saw Johnny in his prime when he visited Ireland in 63 so it was lovely to hear on that day. We both love Johnny... playlist gets off to a bumpy start though as you have to watch on youtube rather than on this page ..does disrupt the flow that kind of thing. It's best to  hit this link instead
2. Lucinda Williams-another mistress of tears in beer music but this line ups much more rockier .

3.Dekades from Los Angeles
Deep Pink Band also from L.A rip through some AC/DC classics

5. The Iron Maidens -no prizes for guessing who they cover.
6. Christian Mistress who  you may of saw  on Trooperpalooza Day 2 playlist I'm well into them at the moment-may feature them on LBII post too soon.
7. Jane Lee Hooker-who'll blow your socks off for sure...
The amazing Alba and Sons of Rock
9. Saint Agnes - who do a really interesting take on Roadhouse Blues -all good stuff. as ever.

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