Thursday, 2 July 2015

"Trooperpalooza" -Day 3

Suzi just had to headline the final day of "Trooperpalooza"-seeing as she's the originator-along with Pleasure Seekers ,Shangri La's She, Ace of Cups -and countless others but Suzi's still Kicking out the Jams(and in the right attire)So it was a no brainer that one... followed by Joan Jett another legendary rebel girl (featured her last week if you didn't notice on LB II)
. Some real worldbeating acts on this rostrum... hopefully you'll enjoy this playlist.. It's long I know -but it's my attempt at creating a festival -worth dipping in and out off if your stuck for time(and who isn't?)

Irish  Beat Combo September Girls -start off Day Three with a set filmed in Paris-did feature one or two songs from this the other week -but   here's the whole gig near enough.
Just one song from Coleen Green -not  one for leather jackets it seems which is strange seeig s her music is kinda ramonesy -but her friends who  provide back up vocals on this song -you'll see and hear later in playlist.

A full set from Tamaryn -their  latest visit to London ... look out for new release which you'll hear a few songs  here.

A couple of different sets  featuring Tamaryn's pal Sky  Ferreira (I wonder if her folks were Seeds fans?) -"Your Not the One" the guitars reminds mre of  P.I.L a bit.
 A brunette set and a blonde set lol -should really do  a proper Sky post one  day  she's a great  one for wearing leather jackets- featuring a duet with..

Charli XCX.. who I have to confess I hadn't heard her till Sunday and Glastonbury  footage (I know she's kinda famous and everything but that usually means It's manufactured these days so I tend to ignore that stuff) but  from clip I saw  she was dressed as a schoolgirl (kind of like Scandel or Rubella)with a big inflatiable guitar jumpingup and down and her guitarist looked cool - guess I thought it  was pure pop and I'm meant to be too old for that lol - but I'll give it a listen  here... actually I know  "I Don't Care" and one after that...bit of  a potty mouth -didn't expect that lol.. but way better than 1Dimenson which Idon't understand at  all ..just four blokes standing around with hands in their pockets..

Had to feature Pins again-their coming up with some  cracking tunes lately- always liked this band .
This bloggers fave's Dum Dum Girls warm up for Joan Jett and Suzi -made up a few different gigs  - including some astounding cover versions - The Black and White Guitar -a Bobcat Dee Dee is playing was stolen in NYC if you see it  (talkin to any Americans here get in contact with band via twitter , FB  or their website-guitars mean a hell of alot to players -I know myself  having been in a band and knowing musicians  If blogs still running next year and  their new albums out  they're bound to headline Trooperpalooza 2..
Anyhow perfecto entertainment for imminent thunderstorms which are due anytime now ...

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