Saturday, 1 August 2015

August 2015 Playlist -1

The world could seriously do with a Kenickie re-union...
and could also do with a fansite with bigger jpegs lol... some of them were even smaller than thumbnails-whats that about? maybe they were considerd high quality in 1999 or something..

All these pics and I only put  one song up lol..

A few of the usual suspects(like Siouxsie here) on this playlistas well as some new faces .
A full set from Jack Wood- seems like a real punk revolution is happening in Russia - Jack Wood among its key exponents -so much raw power coming from a wee person it's an amazing performance- I saw a show about Russia on TV last night -seems like the dark ages over there -but with groups like Jack Wood and PussyRiot fighting the good fight it's truly a ray of hope- punk rock is all about screaming out the truth - and the truth wins out everytime.
I haven't featured Sahara Hotnights here fora while-something I've rectified in this playlist- I'm sure I've featured "Spanish Bombs " before but was in a Clash type mood so hadto hear it again.
 Nat from Cavestompers(Joan Jetski  as I like to think of her) great band before she joined but even better now -another Clash cover from them (although cut short for some reason)
A few more Strawberry Switchblade tunes-surprised to find out Rose sang with Current 93 (had some songs by them on tape which I thought it was a child singing) but didn't realise it was her till very recently.

A few numbers from Army of Skanks-maybe they should try out some  reggae  calling themselves that.

Rounding  off with some Darling Buds (the real ones.) good to see them back :).. cool to see how many of you voted today for new header -respect! gonna have a lazy day but will follow up this post later this evening.

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