Sunday, 9 August 2015

August Playlist 3

Sarah from Dubstar -aka..
Client B.
The objective of this playlist was to avoid guitars but one rears it's neck halfway through these so I gave up lol
Featuring Chris and Cosey -early Acid house -remember Psychic TV bringing out lots of Acid House in that scences infancy
and some Belgium New Beat-guess "getting on one matey!" probably had different connotations over there at the time (that's my way of saying some of these videos are a little racy -but video quality isn't at it's best)
Miss Nicky Trax
A few tunes from the amazing Billie Ray Martin
Chilean star Javiera Mena ..I'll have to feature again sometime in the future.
Aro -Ozzy and Sharons kid -never watched that show- reminded me of my Uncle Pat lol -but I'd catch bits of it don't believe I ever saw Aimee unless she was a baby back then?.. was a while back when it was on tv.. Not a believer in Reality TV -prefer that medium to be used properley -but love the Oz naturally .
Plonked a few Chelsea Wolfe tunes on here too -can't really do wrong with a surname like that -Howling   and Thomas been other famous Wolfes lol
The awesome Hana Piranha photo from the brillant Neil of
always at the best gigs in town  .
Round of playlist with West End Girls covering "West End Girls "I'll have to see if they dd anymore PSB  songs Neil and Chris always created good stuff.


Philippa Dasher said...

Aimee Osbourne is actually the eldest of Ozzy and Sharon's kids but she refused to appear in the Osbournes reality TV show so it was just Jack and Kelly.

ramonetrooper said...

I never really watched that show,but was aware of it -but didn't see the point of it-..might of worked for a couple of episodes but I think a private lifes important -I guess Aimee was smart enough to know that too - Now there's "Reality Shows" everywhere but to me far from real-only way you could make a true reality show is to film people completly unawares and that won't happen -as it's illegal -well at least I hope it is lol

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