Thursday, 20 August 2015

Videodrome -Post 9

Tribute to Yvonne Craig who we lost yesterday - originally I was going to feature a few videos featuring style bloggers but instead I'll feature  that on another date . As a kid I  always looked forward to episodes featuring Batgirl on a Saturday morning -actually prefered her even to Catwoman as well she was one of the good guys and had a really cool bike..
Something very wrong going on with either Firefox or Blogger at the moment -I try to embed videos here and   the other blogs but it refuses to read the html-I've been away for just a couple of days and everything turns to  crap - maybe it has something to do with windows 10 -but it worked last week-so I'm not quite sure whats going on here...
Any way enough whinging  here's more Batgirl

Do wish I could embed these :(

Noticed that amongst the dlc of Arkham Knight they have the 1966 Batman skin- (as well as the original Batmobile) -it would be cool if Adam West did voice too lol -but  really hope that Batgirl gets the same treatment it would make alot of sense.


leather leathergloves said...

I see whether I can help you but later.

ramonetrooper said...

Strange one that.. maybe I need to change browser again -firefox have made a browser that's meant to be compatiable with windows 10 but now it refuse html .. might go back to Win 8 at this rate lol.

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