Thursday, 1 October 2015

Cool Cats Post 36

6. Model Rachel
I'll have to do a post about Kelly Hu on other blog sometime soon-after playing Battlefield Hardline whilst I was away -cosplay of her X-Men character "Deathstrike"
I'll round off with two Miranda  Lawson cosplays (from the Mass Effect games  ) I'll have to feature a post exclusively about those games on LB2 while I'm at it...latest new obsession .. another year  older and still a kid I guess... New header to go  up in a sec...thanks for voting -hope you like  new title image for October... original image sourced from this store
I'll sort out the second blogs header tomorrow.


Traveller28 said...

Superb post!

ramonetrooper said...

Cheers Trav -look out for my next videodrome post soon -I thought of you when I came up with the idea-you'll see..

Traveller28 said...

Will keep an eye out :)

Rachel Sutton said...

Hi, I see my photo used on #6 - you can post it, but would you mind also naming me (model, Rachel Zader) so I get credit? Thanks!

ramonetrooper said...

Credit where Credits due Rachel I'll fix that-excellent cosplay.btw

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