Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Hot Pants-Post 31

1. another from Jade https://purpleport.com/portfolio/jadeeleanor/


12.(Updated for Phillipa-surely these are shorts? featuring fave style blogger Vane again  http://notforordinary.blogspot.co.uk/ )
Hope you like new background.. also changed links around a bit added a few more style bloggers  links to sidebar (I tend to link  those who have  honoured this blog by there pressence so I hope it is of some help.. I wouldn't expect wall to wall leather like here though- people have there own distinctive styles)


Anonymous said...

I noticed the great background yesterday really close up of zip and looks like faux leather to me love it original pic must be good size file to show that detail.


ramonetrooper said...

Hi D: It's a medium sized pic -in fact the best size for using on blog backgrounds as I didn't have to reduce size (which usually takes away the quality)just had to be a Schott too ..what the Ramones rock.

Philippa Dasher said...

Hi ramonetrooper, sorry to be pedantic but if my eyes do not deceive me, isn't the model in the last pic, 12. wearing a leather skirt rather than hotpants? Only a mere detail I know- and the pic is great regardless of what she's wearing, as are the rest of the images. Great post.

ramonetrooper said...

yeah your right! my fault was a cool picture -liked the rain maybe I'll swap this one aound.Cheers Phillipa .

John Decade said...

Great post & stuff.
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ramonetrooper said...

Cheers John .. I'll add your link to stores links later tonight.

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