Monday, 26 October 2015

Perfecto Day 36.

Very Beautiful Model -

 this image  came from a Goff store..
kind of find title of store funny as guys don't enjoy shopping much lol

5. featured this model b4 in last weeks "studded cool" post  too
7. again from a shoot in this purpleport portfolio

Another Pefecto Day which  means total  Zip City .


Anonymous said...

Fantastic post I always love the Perfecto Day Beautiful women always look fantastic in leather and biker jackets in particular I have always loved the look. Like the links to be able to explore more. You are working hard again on the Leather beauty Blog best leather blog there is!

Great background again.

Earl loves looking at the Leather Beauty Blog

ramonetrooper said...

Thanks Earl-very good of you to say so -I had to dissappear for a month or so - but yeah should at least have a post a day here-if theres no posts, i'm either been grumpy lol or busy elsewhere -but should be more posts heading up to Christmas.

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