Saturday, 14 November 2015

Perfecto Day-Post 37

The lovely Rosa 
cool jacket too
It is far from a perfect day -but dangerous fools will never extinguish dreaming of one.
Anjelica another amazng blogger I've just discovred I'll link her blog n the next "Looking at You" post soon..
Emanuelle Seigner -not sure I've posted this one before.-I'll plonk video on after this as song seems appropiate on a day like this..

another cool combination of styles from


Guess I have a thing for Movie Directors and Rockstars W.A.G's -should get real really -but that would mean end of this blog lol
Title of song translates as "A Walk in the Shade" also a film starring the guy who originally sang this  (haven't seen it so I couldn't say if it's good or bad ) but Ilike Emmanuelle's version (probably put it up twice before) but felt right today


Philippa Dasher said...

Emmanuelle Seigner in Polanski's 'Frantic' helped form my fascination with the foxy French belle! That was also the era of Beatrice Dalle and advertising's Papa-Nicole of course. What a chick Seigner's character was in that movie. And still love that leather dress she wore in that film- great scene on the roof and when she wriggles through the car window. A movie set in Paris of course, that free vibrant sexy city. Appropriate.

ramonetrooper said...

I wasn't going to post this today...but then i thought you can't have evil doers stop he world - Frantic's Romans best film in the 80's -Emmanuelle was very young in that -did pretty good job for a debut feature film .Would of used an image from that but i've featured that film many times before.

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