Saturday, 26 December 2015

December 2015 Playlist


Merry Boxing Day-at last my December playlst- featuring one of my favourite Christmas song by The Pretenders..

Also featuring..
Sleater Kinney.
Tess Parks
Sleigh Bells.
A live session from Tamaryn(I was going to post this in September- but had to pospone blog for a short time.)
A fair amount of Dee Dee (kind of a regular occurance on these playlists -very cute in Peanuts form in the Crocodiles video)
A gig from The Dustaphonics (featured them alot on this blog too over the year)
The Creeping Ivies
and Rockaway Bitch (has a bit of Ramonesy theme at start and end of playlist naturally )


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ramonetrooper said...

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