Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Galactic BeautyPost 5 /Videodrome Post 13

1. - Rebel Colours ...


 I've been waiting for episode 7 since 83 so had to commerate this moment in time with a Star Wars post naturally -first up Daisy-Rey-

Maisie Richardson Sellers who plays Korr Sella-no idea who she is yet -could be a Stormtrooper? or Reys friend?-about the same age as Fin and Rey nice to know next to nothing about story this time around...a few stills from tv show she stars in "The Originals"- here's clip featuring her character Rebekah ..although not sure she's acually is Rebekah -rather a host body-Rebekahs a blonde chick I think? -kinda confusing if you don't know show lol
Jessica Henwick who plays Jessika Pava -who've I have seen in a clip it seems she's a Rebel Pilot - she's good with a bullwhip too..
Billie Lourd in a so far uncredited role-surely she's Leia's kid?...nope apparently-that must be Rey then?.. I hope to be surprised rather than spoiled its how these films should be seen.
More Intergalactic Beauties I'm sure after films release it's going to be huge -and something tells me I won't be dissapointed this time around as it's a brand new story with some old friends.


Philippa Dasher said...

I'm not a Star Wars fan but Daisy Ridley is very pretty!

ramonetrooper said...

Very much a Star Wars fan.. was a kid when first three films came out so it's awesome this shoot coincided-so a really good excuse for another SW post lol Daisy will be excellent in these new movies

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ramonetrooper said...

Han Solo and Finn sport leather jackets in the new movie-if you could replicate that look that would be neat-that and Jessica Jones -thats a nice unique design.

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