Tuesday, 1 December 2015

November 2015 Playlist

Haven't got around to this monthes playlist-as it's been a swine of a month  and I wanna see the back of it- so the first of two posts tonight-couldn't really postover the weekend as things are hectic at home and wanted to post playlist first then Decembers Header Poll afterwards so it's at top of blog and people will see it... theme for thisplaylisreally is  Young Americans-Some acts to look out for in 2016 (theres a few Scandanavian's chucked in but the videos are very American)was going to feature a French playlist but think I'll make that another time. First and Last on Playlist are Kim and The Created-whose singer Iggys out a Catwoman catsuit -they just had to be on the playlist!
Swiftly followed by L.A Witch
Beach Day
Youryoungbody-whole perfomance may end up on the next Trooperpalooza -if blogs stilll here in the summer.
+Many more-I'd better get posting that header poll before it's too late...

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