Wednesday, 27 January 2016

January 2016-Playlist

January like the end of December was the end of a era-firstly Lemmy followed by Dave days after- very much part of my background- like how the Beatles must of been throughout the sixties -but I wasn't around then ) I only heard about John around the time of his 40th Birthday (within weeks  he was shot dead) and I'd heard of Paul  because Mull of Kintyre was #1 forever(we even had to sing it at school assembly) but The Beatles only came into my existence in 1980 - but DB was always around -Ashes to Ashes came out that year with a mad  video my sister had a copy of Hunky Dory and it sort of linked  up Ashes with its strange  phrasing and peculiar lyrics so it's a big blow part of the fabric of  my and (& many others I'm sure)  reality is torn - hence Bowie playlist overdrive on my other blog -but this blog gets far more visitors (although lost a few followers this morning? what's that all about?) so this monthes  playlist  could only really be Bowie themed - a few tunes from the man himself-as well as a couple of duets and cover versions as well as  interviews and movie clips.

Iman Dave's wife-Nice interview featuring the couple halfway through playlist and a movie trailer of a movie also starring Dan Ackroyd which I never knew existed lol-here's a post about Iman I posted  back in the day
Angie Davids first wife-the more I think about Ziggy the more I think she was instrumental to getting that concept off the ground -she really encouraged him -made him wear  mad clothes and don make-up  -must of been so strange back then in hindsight-but it worked -glad his eyebrows grew back though lol

Playlist kicks off with a duet with Annie Lennox of Queens Under Pressure..
Thought the girl in the Sorrow video was especially gorgeous as she was Amanda Lear so I added that video to this playlist too
Gail Anne Dorsey who payed bass and sang with Dave throughout 1990's and 2000's playing on a storming version of Diamond Dogs on this playlist.
Playlist also features Bowies scenes as hapless hitman Colin Morris (couldn't get a more normal sounding name lol) in John Landis's Into the Night -also starring Michelle Pfeiffer
plus Bowies duet with Tina Turner as surprise gueston her Private Dancer tour-lots of covers from artists as varied as Bowies music.

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