Monday, 29 February 2016

Header Poll March 2016/Cool Your Boots-Post 43


I got sidetracked with Oscar posts (I'll feature more pictures of the winners later today) but didn't notice it's the end of the month(You're guarnteed to stay young if today is your birthday lol) So a new poll for March-I need to re-boot the blog again for a new month .. I doubt they'll be many votes as  it's of such short notice but please do vote and I'll feature the wnners and runners up as headers of the two blogs.-see sidebar to cast your votes.


Anonymous said...

You cant vote on iphone version of the blog shame wanted to vote,
Earl olves leather voting. But cant fom abroad

ramonetrooper said...

Sometimes I wonder if I'm one of the last people in the modern world without a mobile phone- still don't want one -cameras great on those things that's about it kinda like my laptop lol -hope you had a nice holiday Earl mate.

Archerphoto said...

I think it'd be great if you'd include links to original photographers' websites, so everyone could receive their proper acknowledgement.

ramonetrooper said...

I wish I could -Images come from many different sources -in most cases photo's have watermark and the address of photographer or at least title of website- I do link if I think images are exceptional .. but time is against me if I were to link each and every source here I'd beon website all day and that's impossible right now -but I'll make more of a effort (although it's a double edge sword as sometimes when i link I get told to take images down)if I were a visitor and was curious to find out more I'd investigate address or`title on photo I guess.

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