Thursday, 25 February 2016

Perfecto Day-Post 41

Could this be same Tiffany as panelist on Colider Jedi Council ? was nerding about on youtube and thought it might be-but different surname .
2. May feature Berry and blog she's featured on  in next lookbook post in a few days picture taken by..




 12-From an excellent shoot from this flickr album


Fzillion Manager 33 said...

There is not much difference between men and women jacket in my opinion except its length and fitting if it is loose fitted em sure it will perfectly fit to a men and will not look odd an i don't think so anyone notices that either you are wearing a men jacket or women jacket if it is best fitted to your body(just an opinion)
leather coats for women

ramonetrooper said...

A biker jacket especially a classic one works for both sexes -some people prefer something more fitted but looks more authentic when oversized although wih coats and blazers it's an entirely different story -the weight of these things are kind of important too -do remember them been kind of heavy when Ihad one.

Ideas Master said...

In the above post, all’s the picture of fashion and stylish leather jackets and outfits are spectacular and mind-boggling. I like to buy celebrity leather jackets

ramonetrooper said...

I'm glad your mind is boggled lol -thanks for the comment and link.

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