Friday, 25 March 2016

March 2016 Playlist

Finally a playlist for March-Starting off with a duet from Emmylou & Sheryl .

3. A set featuring Gillian Welch,(may of posted before -but if its good it's good)
4. A couple of tunes from my faves of 2015 and beyond Bed in Parks.
5,Just had to feature Kim and the Created again too.. looking very Batman Returns Catwoman in this still.
6.A few excellent videos featuring Ventura Punka's Massanger.

7- The latest video from Kim Gordons new project Glitterbust.
8. I was fortunate enough to see The Franklys last year when I went to London..

A whole gig featuring The Mighty Priscillas.

10.An Excellent video featuring La Sera  feturing Katy from ..

11.The Vivian Girls.
12.L.A Girlfriend-which I had to follow with..
13...L.A Witch.
14.The wonderfully named Thelma and the Sleaze.
15. Rockaway Bitch from NYC (Not to be confused with The Rockaway Bitches from Italy)
16 Thelast song features Alessia Cara... should do for March ..I'll have to get started on a April playlist soon after Easter I imagine.

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