Thursday, 31 March 2016

"The Worm that Turned "-Playlist

Had to re-post this (last time I featured these videos was way back in 2009-which the uploader  has deleted )the reason been that Ronnie Corbett passed away today I  used to watch this as a kid (a few years into Thatcher's reign -quite the opposite happened really -her cabinet was usually made up of men who  she could easilly bully lol )But if Hilary wins in November this uniform would be ideal  for her secret police :D .. Just hope that guy with the sea slug on his head  goes away -he truly belongs in the dark ages. if he wins well you can say goodbye to the internet for  starters .I hope you enjoy the mis-adventures of "Janet and Betty" also starring Diana Dors and Benedict Cumberbatch's Mum Wanda... a excellent reminder of Saturday Night TV when it was dominated by the two Rons

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