Saturday, 16 April 2016

April 2016 Playlist

Playlist for April-Featuring Inga Rumpf(I remember featuring her 70's group Frumpy a few years back on the other blog -but some solo footage this time around- did have some Atlantis but someones up-tight..grr instead  awesome conclusion to playlist from Thee Frumps )
A few numbers from this blogs faves Sheena and the Rokkets
 It wouldn't be a LB playlist without at least a few Ramones songs so first up a cover of "Sheena" by the Ramona's followed by ..

The Go Go's version of "Sedated"
A new(ish) video from Chrstian Mistress-
Plus a few live videos featuring Black Moth

Even more Thelma and the Sleaze...
A few vids featuring Alison Mosshart(who'd rather "Fleetwood Mac than Jack")
Swedish Electro from The Knife
Hardly ever feature Ska on these playlist till this evening . First up The Bodysnatchers .. followed by another classic by The Selecter..
Round off April's playlist with some Death Valley Girls  live footage - hopefully be able to fit them on next "Trooperpalooza" playlist next month or June .(may as well make it a yearly thing )

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