Sunday, 3 April 2016

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Another blast from the past this time via e-mail  you may recall a few years back I stopped blogging (well for a few hours at least  lol) when e-mail account got hacked from that Leather Beauties or LBII (as I call it) was born out of that situation -mind you  I'm  not sure many of cottoned on that I had created a second blog -so I came back to this blog after about a year or so  but because of this hacking fiasco I lost a few e-mail addresses but over the last week one of my old contacts got back in touch with me  the creator of Modelcuir & Hannah and  Laura. He's been busy too with his websites so  I've added them to my links and I'll link them here now too
I'm  informed that he is working with a 360 degree camera which sounds inspired -more news about that when I get .it .

1 comment:

leather leathergloves said...

Yes, I remembered Modelcuir & Hannah and Laura. Good stuff. Wish there are more of these.

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