Wednesday, 18 May 2016

May 2016 Playlist

New playlist featuring Francoise towards the end... a very mixed bag this month (as always)

Had trouble trying to embed playlist so I hope it looks right on page.doesn't here in draft) perhaps it'll sort itself out as post goes lower down the page (best to watch it on youtube raherthan here I guess )..First on playlist are L.A Punka's Generaction Suicida
15 minutes of Belgrado from Spain (have to plan the second Trooperpalooza-a virtual festival towards end of the month -not sure I can compile three days worth have to wait and see)
Xmal Deutschland- probably featured this video before -but in colour-Phillipes site is always worth a visit -photographed many of the greats.
Widowspeak -something I wish I had (and didn't when I did lol)
Niagra with The Hitmen doing a Stooges number...
A few belters from The Bellrays..
The Excellent IDestroy.
Two songs from Sinead -glad she turned up ok earlier this week -had to end with a Prince song featuring ...
Apolloana -Purple Rain in monochrome...all this plus a few surprises + lots more music in June.(hopefuly sort out this embedding problem by then)

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