Monday, 9 May 2016

Videodrome Post 18

It's hard to find the difference between Action Figures and the real Black Widow  portrayed by Scarlett (they've come along way since  Star Wars Kenner/Palitoy stuff of  my youth) so if some of these aint real  I may need to go to opticians lol
New Cap movie out-& talk of a solo Black Widow movie as a follow up (which would make sense seeing as there were some awesome follow  up stories featuring her and Bucky Ed the writer of Cap   had  a  fantastic run on the series so I hope they adapt those stories (in Avengermovie mode -won't  ever be like comic) -would be nice to  finally find out her origin story too) I hope that happens -so a perfect time to feature a few interviews of the cast of the new movie.

James Spader awesome choice for Ultron. A proper Chick Flick :D Scarlett's awesome!As is Scarlett Witch
A few clips featuring Elizabeth Olsen

Isn't Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver Magnetos kids?It really  doesn't make sense keeping those movie francises seperate-but whatever-perhaps one day they'll hook up-Secret Wars(The 80's one that is ) the movie
  would be a neat way to do that)
last one from the ever execellent  
Emily Van Camp as Agent 13- I  wonder if they follow story directly from comic( except - no Red Skull stuff but another spin on it  I suspect  -but Crossbones I do know is in it and he's a nasty piece of work to put it lightly )Sharon Carter  is a major factor in  original story so I hope  they get that right


Charlie said...

That Dazed cover is great. You can almost hear the leather creak.

ramonetrooper said...

Iconic -a powerful cover -but I do wish I could of found a larger scan -may do a few screencaps over the summer from Cap 2 & Avengers 2 -long overdue

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