Wednesday, 1 June 2016

June 2016 Playlist

Deb's in full "Contact  in Red Square"mode
New Month -New Playlist-featuring Blondie as well as...

PINS-Hopefully players a proper size (last monthes playlist player was far too big-I'll re-arrange that after this is sorted)
 Death Valley Girls-awesome Mick T Shirt there.
LA Witch (I've probably featured them every month this year but hey they're the coolest)

The mighty Drops...
Thee Out Mods tear through a set,

A tribute to Sheena (who died last Febuary I'm sad to read) I'll  post another on LBII soon.
A quick blast of Boss Hog.

Soraia get Kinky...
and the return of Garbage.. more music as month progresses seeing as it's festival season (more like tornado season where I am though lol)
A big thank you to all who voted in last poll -I like to spring these things at very  short notice like a lousy landlord :D I'll post header for the second blog later this evening.

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