Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Down on the Street-Post 24

Had to be first -from Frantic -which this pic is- could re screencap as I have Blu Ray now but it's hard work under latest circumstances - so  I'll probably feature a few stills in various posts,
2- Fave place in Paris -got some peace and quiet  (Cities are Noisy)from
You may of saw Emma's  post about Schott Pefecto I linked on  Tumblr -deffo on next Looking at at You Post  in a week or two
Another image from Pams blog-
from Berrys blog-
7 Thee Dazer ..
Melody (dig that name)

You may of noticed I've added 500px to source links  lately - good place to showcase your work if photographies your game.
12 . Emmanulle  again ..
Rather than  the random streetshot thought I'd feature intentional photos this time- of Paris , I aint been to many places but I have been to Paris on two occassions -hopefully I'll visit the  City of Light  again one day... really amazing comic shops.Picasso and Chocolate Waffles
Seriously need to hear this again...

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