Sunday, 12 June 2016

"Trooperpalooza 2"-Day 1

Had to have legends to headline day 1- Niagara/Destroy All Monsters/Dark Carnival & The Hitmen-
Not like last year not full gigs but there's a few  amongst them .

Not something you should type into a search engine not unless researching big orange cat mating rituals or golf.Ohio Punka's Tiger Sex
Motor City Blues from Royal Blackbirds
 White Shag also from Detroit .
A couple of numbers from Saint Agnes
Full Leather Jacket-The Teen Idols..

 Condenandos -Punk Rock from  Brazil
 .No "Leather Girls" this year-but Theee Mad ..which is Theee Bats tribute to The Cramps & Screaming Lord Sutch
Kim and the Created-Kim looking very Suzy Q in vids..then a intermission featuring a Russian spy , a black sportscar and a orange recipe...thankfully not every Russian are like those chumps  in France.

The Jack Wood -may of featured vid before-but it's well filmed .
A couple of  Lazy Bitches & 'Stompers  performances..

Twangy Funk Punk from El Monstrino
Male models take note .. that's a real man.. Excellent footage featuring Messer Chups.

back to America with L.A Witch..
& Death Valley Girls.. Gotta change blogs colour scheme Ireland are playing.

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