Sunday, 17 July 2016

July 2016 Playlist

New playlist  featuring Kristin Kontrol (I was sad to hear DDGs are  no more but  still gives more room for Sisu and KK's new  album is one of the best pop records of the 20teens so far)

Wanted a punk rock start to playlist so it starts off with The Valentines who do an excellent"Sonic Reducer" as does ..
Texas Terri Bomb-I'll have to feature her on "Sheena" post on LBII when that next comes around.
Fuck Frankie (wonder if they get much airplay ? blame MM .)
A few new vids featuring September Girls

More Roisin & Moloko...
Pack A.D
Followed by Yassassin(must like Bowie with that name) & Maria McKee

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