Saturday, 12 November 2016

November 2016 Playlist.

Two monthes late with this -was meant to post this on my birthday which is one day after Joans- better late than never...for a while I  couldn't  properly embed videos - sorted now

finally got to embed again-was bugging me that  I couldn't do that on this new computer.. very RnR JettDoll  selection also featuring..
Diana Death.

LA Witch (should be playing in London soon ..just wish I could go -I'm trapped down south -need to breath in the big smoke again sometime soon)First vid reminds me of the next four years lol
Oh Gunquit!

More from The Flytraps (reminds me of the Deviants this pic-but much prettier)

A most awesome video from Mexican Slang
Alice Bag-
Amy Klein
Saint Agnes...

Still not got into rhythm of things here-usually make a effort but lately not so much--hard to be upbeat lately .


Anonymous said...

really missing my daily Leather Beauty fix please get going again

Earl loves Leather beauty to bits

ramonetrooper said...

I'll try Earl but like I said in new post I have to get stuff together- not sure if I can manage everyday-depends on my mood and what pics I think are good enough to appear here -but I appreciate your support .

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