Saturday, 21 January 2017

January 2017 Playlist 2

love this ..reminds me of Crocodiles-as in Bunnymen.
Death Valley Girls -Piece de Resistance.playlist .


Bleached naturally...

some very early Stereolab -French Disko inspired me to do this post today...then playlist goes a bit Belgiumy
Lio + The Phantoms
Intergalactic Lovers

Viva la Fete.... then a interval from Superman  2 (The best of the IV  movies )

Kneel before Ursa (dug this chick since 78 on bubblegum cards -it took a while before movie was released but was cool to get a preview of  sequel way ahead ) sometimes your better off been 5 years old, things made more sense then than now.

A few Cure cover versions starting off with Paramore -then a Scarlett Johanson cover (never knew she made records .she's good) on a day like today could only finnish off playlist with Vooodoo Chile (Slight Return)provided by  Orianthi.. I'll have to feature her again  on LBII soon .

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