Saturday, 22 April 2017

April 2017 Playlist

Norma Jean aka The Duchess leader of the Bo-Ettes (coolest name ever for a group)The Hollywood a Go Go vids feature The Gazzari Dancers who featured the late  June Fairchild -these next photos I guess are from Kim Fowley's "Mondo Hollywood" album shoot ..
excellent site if GoGo Dancing is your thang :D

Playlist wouldn't be complete without some Dum Dum's & Sisu.
Nice Vid from Tamaryn
LA's  The Side Eyes .(dig the fact they jammed with Red Kross)

The Monks are the greatest.. so good badge choice here.

Can't object to The Abjects.

September Girls.. so cool to see more  awesome groups come out of Ireland .. such as Bitch Falcon (name reminds me of Bastard Kestrel )

Round of this playlist with Hana Piranha photo by 

May do a interviews playlist at some point haven't many pics at moment -

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