Thursday, 27 April 2017

Videodrome Post 22

By Brian Aris who's created some of my fave pics of Deborah .,,and Kate as you'll see below the playlist.

Very talkative  this playlist .. lots of interviews  from musical women i admire.. may do an actress  playlist later (next time this post pops up maybe)but I guess should really get back to posting more pics for the end of the week..

Second interview features Edie Sedgewick I feel sorry for her as Andy kinda makes it difficult for her with his Harpo Marx routine but I also get his point (there's a few funny interviews in playlist come to think of it)

Marianne Faithful.
Kate Bush on Tiswas (late 70's kids tv )what follows is not really interviews but wound up watching it halfway through features Blondie and it starts off with Patti Smith -Ramoned up.
Meg from The White Stripes in a documentary about the Detroit scene in the early 00's after which I had to feature The Ettes..
Mary from the Shangri La's ..Leader of the Pack was one of the first songs I ever heard as a 3 year old (that and Del Shannon's Runaway) guess that's where the concept of the  tuff  biker chick gang archetype began in my head lol ...

 Kim Gordon.

very cool T Shirt .
Shirley Manson

Mad interview with Lush ..kinda like Paul Whitehouse's  Julio Geordio but Miki keeps her cool .
I've bound to of featured this interview with Curve before but hey its been a while.

Interview with Tamaryn before she turned red looking forward to next record.
live at Mellow Johnnies bike shop  ..I had a mate I called "Johnny Mellow" doubt its same guy though

Kristin from The Dum Dum Girls talks to The Smiths drummer.
 LA Witch.
Pins ...I'm dying to make next playlist now they've cut a track with Iggy,

Deap Vally  (which is the correct spelling )I  probably spelt Vally Valley back in earlier posts...

Interview with Sade -sorry this took so long -as I want to make each post special from now on .

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