Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A's Post 21

Argentine Actress and Director Stella Maris Closas  starring in comedy series  My Family is a Drawing ..just updated "A" found the image with Dad character without blanked out face - thanks  A it's nice to see  what's happening in Latin America.


Anonymous said...

Stella Maris Closas really looks sexy with those tight leather pants and black shirt.
Very classic style, a beautiful mature lady with classic leather pants always look beautiful.
Javier (La Plata-Buenos Aires)

ramonetrooper said...

Hi Javier-leather trousers would turn up far more on tv shows than they do now , she does know how to dress I like the red scarf too.

Anonymous said...

Es la primera vez que veo a Stella Maris Closas con pantalones de cuero en este blog, igual que a Catherine Fulop, son muy sexies las latinas. Gracias leatherbeauty, maravilloso!!!!
Pancho desde America Latina.

ramonetrooper said...

You're Welcome Pancho-full credit goes to "A " who made these screen captures and provided the pictures of Catherine Fulop.

Anonymous said...

Una madura y sexy señora como Stella Maris Closas con pantalones de cuero ajustados. Fue otra sorpresa en televisión, por que siempre se vestia a la antigua. A mi siempre me gustaron mas los jeans de cuero en las mujeres, mas que los pantalones de cuero actuales. O sea con bolsillos atrás y adelante.
Que te parece Ramonetrooper.

ramonetrooper said...

Hi Arturo
I think they were made better back then-although Miss Sixty's are pretty decent make judging by leathered life site -they should really pay attention to front and back pockets -does look more stylish.. Jim Morrison style.

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