Saturday, 15 March 2014

Flickr Pools

I guess is long overdue-but there a few flickr pools with familiar names and theme I'll start off linking this pool which may or not be named after this blog
not knocking them.. I think subconsciously I  took name for this blog from website I visited years ago and  there's also a heavy metal  song called Leather Beauty by High Tension -
Derek Smalls and John Oates Tashes lol pure 1987. I've just recently joined flickr I'm not a photographer so I don't contribute but I use my gallery for my artwork...
I just didn't want to give blog the wrong name- If I was to call it "Leather Sexy" for example it would be dumbass title  maybe a bit too Nigel Tufnel-not that there's anything wrong with sexy lol but unlike Nige I don't want to walk that fine line between sexy and sexist, I'd hate to give wrong impression - blogs aimed at a universal audience, at least from a straight males concept of what is beautiful to the eye rather than that of a bunch of gimps trapped in a dungeon lol I thought there was far too much of that out there on the web- I don't even use the word fetish as I think it's the wrong word to use and its a word that has been cheapened over the years-if you like something since your about 4 years old why can't you appreciate things for what they are rather than attach another meaning to it.,you should be free to any interpretation -I think that's what I'm trying to say here..kind of like art appreciation . I better link the first pool I heard of that deals with such a subject -the first blog that contacted me back when I started this whole thing off in 2008 run by affiliated blog master leathergloves
I linked Leatherfashionistas  stream  the other day but no harm in linking it again
Fans of  biker jackets will love this pool -lots of real punk girls at Davezrx  stream

I'll round off this post with Lorraine Elements photostream-lots of rainwear and macs but a fair amount of Leather here too


Anonymous said...

sexy pc in 4 but lether coat in 5 fantastic

Charlie said...

I love daverx's stream. It's a shame he disabled downloading. There's some really cool, unique pics up there I'd like to keep.

ramonetrooper said...

There's much more in those flickr pages anon-
Two ways you can go about this Charlie-join flickr which I did any pics you like add to faves or just save whole web page,, image will be within a folder.

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