Saturday, 8 March 2014


 Katie Derham (Former ITN Newsreader)
A few weeks ago I said I'd try a make a British Newsreader post in response to "A'"s South American newsreader post-I can't promise it'll be half as good as his (Presenters wearing leather trousers is very rare here-although did see Joanna Gosling wearing a nice dress the other week on the BBC news channel) Not that this is a obssession of mine-I find this a bit "Filthy Rich and Catflap-esque) there's a few sites dedicated to screencapping these presenters I won't go that far-first presenter here is the lovely Katie Derham , naturally I'm fond of her as she's one of those rare newsreaders that would sport a leather jacket at the newsdesk-hardly ever happens these days-not sure they choose there own wardrobe perhaps Katie did.
Mary Nightingale- ITN Newsreader-I can't imagine Alister Stewart pulling off this look quite so well lol -apparently she's singing Kenny Loggin's "Footloose" here.(might be on youtube..I haven't looked)

Former BBC Arts Correspondent  Raiza Iqbal- i liked her as she been from the art world on occasion wear a biker jacket when reporting-kind of unheard of here in UK there seems to a very square dress code for TV journos here-I wonder if she a punk back in the day lol
Kirsty Young-Former Channel 5 Newsreader-didn't really catch her on that living in the South East we didn't get Channel 5 till much later apparently instead of hiding behind desk she'd sit on it-you wouldn't get that on the Beeb. She now presents Crimewatch and is always very good as a compere on "Have I got News for You"
Natasha Kaplinsky-ITN Newsreader-although I Imagine these images were taken from a documentary she was hosting.
Fiona Bruce-BBC Newsreader-former blue haired punk and model for Jackie photo stories so I've read just now. These pics I guess come from Antiques Roadshow which she also presents-sometimes wears a leather skirt on the news but nobody seems to have screen-capped that .
Last but by no means least-no leather except for the boots-but  I had to include her as she's my favourite newsreader(apart from the mighty Moira Stewart)Duran Duran fan(she appeared on one of their latest songs )Nina Hossain.


Kim said...

great! i like the overall :)
and its cool youve linked me on your site :)


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ramonetrooper said...

Hi Kim-glad to hear it:) I downloaded google translate today so it should be easier to read your and other non english blogs, a very handy app-I'd like to feature you again someday on blog-as you're one of my favourite models(and photographer too )but only if its ok with you.

Anonymous said...

watched the series with fiona bruce she doe look great in leather will keep an eye on her if she keps up wearing leather. have you seen any pic of Alex jones in the one show ? she often wears leather. she is very tasty in leather.

ramonetrooper said...

Is she the presenter that replaced Christine Bleakley- who kind of looks quite similar? I tend to watch CH4 news around that time- I may do a One Show special post lol haven't seen it in a while.

Anonymous said...

Did Joanna Gosling wear a leather dress on the BBC news channel? She wears a leather skirt quite often but never seen her in a leather dress

ramonetrooper said...

well when i said dress i actually meant skirt doh-if I find stills I'll do a follow up post to this one.

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