Sunday, 30 March 2014

Widows Day

A few pics of Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow  in the soon to be released Captain America -
The Winter Soldier-it's been getting good reviews which is positive news-I enjoyed the original comics that Ed Brubaker wrote-he made Cap relevant again as well as his supporting cast-still not keen on Natasha's catsuit though-still not shiny enough-perhaps its an evolutionary process through each movie-sure there's padding and straps here and there but not the classic look -just yet- the best  way to go for the catsuit is how it was illustrated in Secret War- jeez I  wish I could paint as well as this guy-
Perhaps filmakers think this may be too Nick Fury Agent of Shield (The  90's Hasslehoff version) but it's how she's meant to look.- give Scarlett her own solo movie or a tie in with Daredevil -that would most certainly rock.


Anonymous said...

love the brown leather crop biker jacket she wears but unusual it has buttons and not zipped.

keep sending us more leather girls please.


ramonetrooper said...

Kind of military style -I suppose at first glance does look like a zip jacket - might do another Captain America post later today-looking forward to this film.
Don't worry bout blog stopping or anything-pics will keep a coming I'm sure.

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