Monday, 13 October 2014

Peaking Again.

4, (Only wish I could of found a better version of this from Backbeat)

I had to start off this Twin Peaks themed post with the face that launched the show Sheryl Lee

Always thought the guy who played James would of made a good Jim Morrison-kind of looks like him-and softly spoken they cast Val Kilmer -wasn't a good film as it could of been)
Lara Flynn Boyle -who played Donna -I'll never forget episode where she's walking around with sunglasses acting cool -like a total personality change - Lynch likes to mess with audiences heads lol
Joan Chen- a few from 1995's Judge Dredd -not sure who her character was meant to be?-would of been better if she was cast as Stan Lee's (aka "DeathFists" sister)but screenplay was probably written by a committee .. good job they got it right second time around. .

She  hasn't changed a bit since her Mod Squad days.. Julia Barnes created the Acid Jazz style :)
Well that's just part one .. much more to come soon.

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