Monday, 16 March 2015

Newsflash 2

A belated follow up to  newsreader/journalist post from about a year ago - I've finally found some caps of Joanna Gosling sporting leather or leather look skirt. on the web.. this clip makes me laugh

I blame the robo camera droid.
10. Sian Williams -looking amazing ,I got a bit of surprise when I first sure these pics -as usually she's quite formally dressed as you'd expect from a newsreader I remember her really tearing into Gordon Brown in a interview in the lead up to the last election-I almost felt sorry for him lol they really should unlease her again on UKIP for the forthcoming election .
Yalda Hakim who I  saw  for first time on Saturday-although she's been on BBC World news channel (which I don't get on my telly) and Newsnight-although not permament -she'd be a big improvement on the eye in the wake of Paxman .-I would of liked to featured fellow Aussie Daniela Ritorto -but can't find any relevant pics :(.. maybe next time .

15. And finally ..Wow this is a dream come true-my fave newsreader Nina -I've never seen her dressed like this before-So I guess this would of been the local London News (I'm trapped down South with Fred Dinenage lol) I hope she didn't get loads of crank mail after this was broadcast -as I've never seen this outfit on the national news - besides one should really pay attention to world events , so I doubt this will be a regular feature here... anyway here's some old news lol


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ramonetrooper said...

Hi Pawan-Really this blogs just a bit of fun-so i'm not too fussed about maximumun exposure -I like to think it has cult appeal-besides the photography and music here belongs to the artists and models that created them - I wouldn't want to profit from their work. But I'll keep you in mind as I'm working on a web comic which could do with some help with ratings etc.. but that won't be until I complete the first episode .

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