Monday, 6 July 2015

Videodrome-Post 7

Seem's like I reserve Sundays for movie stars  - tonight I'll be featuring a trio of feline femmes - starting with my fave Catwoman- Michelle Pfeiffer-I do wish Burton carried on with these movies-although
I did like Christopher Nolan's trilogy (more about that later) -but I'm in two minds about the Superman vs Batman film-they should just do a straight interpretation of Dark Knight Returns --with  Miller at the helm -but have to wait and see how that turns out- but back to Michelle.

Whilst the theme of this post is Catwoman/Black Cat actresses -theres also a Grease Connection too- as you'll see later - .. Interview from 1992 (I do miss Barry on that  show-don't see why they don't ask Kermode to do that programme ?)

Always finding vids where somebody talks over it in a foreign language -that and movies?(usually Russian -in this case German) Whats wrong with sub-titles? --so this won't make much sense at least Michelle looks good though...just wish I could find the original of this video.. Movie sounds like mush though..Re-united with Tim Burton for Dark Shadows with Chloe -who I recognised from the Best Coastt video the other day... not really up on recent film stars or celebs really-Rock n Roll is more my interest. Really awful suit that guys wearing... Always thought Johnny D had a Batman voice especially when he plays Hunter S Much more Michelle here-
 Sometimes I wish  could inhabit a fantasy version of 1950's American High School -you can blame Grease for that-which I saw  when I was 5 -Sandy's the perfect girl -well by the end of the movie - bit  girly for most of he movie -  would of liked tto seen her in Grease 2 after  pushing Danny out of that flying car (Kenickie was way cooler)-but we got Rupert Everret instead?!?  Here's Anne Hathaway  having a crack at the role with  Allen Ginsberg /James Dean  as Danny

Sounds a bit auto-tuned :/ mind you Ann makes up for that :) ..I had a comic strip  adaptation of Grease too at the time  trouble is it was in French -but it was great especially the race scene...Anyhow Back to the Catcave. If only this  contract was true lol.. no idea why it's in a circle really ends at 3 .20or there abouts
Onto Felica Hardy -Spiderman's Cat burgling partner -(some guys have all the luck-mind you she prefers him with the mask dropped him like a fly when he gave  away his true idenity) Hopefully Felicity will be up for the role in the third movie-she's beyond cute and a good actress to boot - but seems like there's a new Spiderman already( the last guy was better than I expected)
time for one more interview.. Just hope the Star Wars spin off doesn't clash with Spidey 3-she'd make an amazing Black Cat -but Star Wars "Rogue One" also sounds fascinating too... maybe she should star in Grease 3 after that's
not leather here-but nice photo and look all the same.

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