Thursday, 7 July 2016

"Videodrome" Post 19

Any excuse for a Emmanuelle Seigner post.(have to have at least two a year lol)..tried to find some English interviews -French sounds great & sexy but I flunked it at school Saw Venus in Furs the other day -for just two people in cast  the film worked very well very different films from Frantic or Bitter Moon although subject of the that movie is quite similar .
Nobody Ramones better on a Red Carpet better than Emanuelle (& Beatrice for that matter ) Han is a Headbanger -guess he was trying to upstage that Stormtrooper.
Morricone ...nobody does it better.

May of posted this before -but English interview (there's a French version too) Hope she cuts another record -I think she's doing theatre at the moment... good version of my fave UO tune..

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