Saturday, 20 August 2016

Perfecto Day-Post 48


Far out shades too!

" Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!"


Philippa Dasher said...

Hello Ramone, We talked about Emmanuelle Seigner in 'Frantic' before, I wanted to recommend a film you should check out- it's a film from 1986 called 'Tough Guys' starring Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. It plays on them being veteran, legendary actors from Hollywood 50s/60s era. They come out of prison as ex-convicts in the 1980s having served 30 year prison sentences. More to the point: in the film, Kirk D meets a young woman called Skye, played by an actress called Darlanne Fluegel. From memory, I'm sure there's a scene in the film where Skye wears a tight blue leather mini-dress. She's moving up and down some stairs, heels clicking and her leather is creaking. I recall it as being a very sexy leather scene but haven't seen it for years. She asks Kirk to go to a nightclub with her but he turns her down as he says he's just too old for that kind of thing. I think it might be worth checking out. It's about 2/3 of the way into the film. He originally meets her at a gym.

ramonetrooper said...

Yep I've seen that one-although like you not for a couple of years -seems like the era of tight leather skirts (Color of Money & Married to the Mob & Goodfellas ) I'll look around for clip or whole movie ..You're never too old for that kind of thing they've been inside so long should cut himself some slack lol.. it's gonna be Kirks 100th birthday soon done some awesome movies him and Burt

Philippa Dasher said...

Ah you featured it, excellent! Yes I do remember Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio wearing a black leather skirt in Color of Money. Additionally, I remember there was also a scene from the original Robocop that was also made in that era- quite sleazy where Bob Morton is snorting cocaine with two escort girls who are wearing tight leather.

ramonetrooper said...

Glad I found a few clips -havent seen that film since 90's -wonder if Kirk geniunely is a fan of Red Hot Chilli Peppers? Color of Money is excellent one film that Tom Cruise was cast right (Paul Newman was way cooler- ) Should check out Robocop again too (very Dredd the original) remember there was a tv show too in early 90's (must of been very toned down as they'd show it in the afternoon)

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