Saturday, 10 September 2016

September 2016 Playlist

Cool Kids making sounds .

Featuring-Screamin' Targets from Spain ...
 Some very early Knife.
 Some "Jeep Killing !" from Bandits.

"Red Leather" by Peach Keli Pop.
A few Flatmates tunes...

Three Cavestomper vids (in tribute to drummer Grisha who we lost last month)
Manflu-excellent cover art kinda like a  horticultural version of what appears  on blog lol

A new song from Drops.
A couple of videos featuring The Flytraps-not sure how drummer can breath in that thing? -I'll be putting together a new feature  "Gimee Indie Rock!" on LBII featuring newer bands so bound to post a few more pics and vids of  them in first post possibly tommorow.

A few newish tunes from The Kills..rounding off  because it's September with...
...The September Girls.

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