Thursday, 9 February 2017

Videodrome Post 21

On a Superspy kick  at the moment (and I aint talking George Smiley ) it's nice how the Avengers(both the Steed & Marvel 'Vengers ) influenced these new spy style shows -& I wonder what  Jack Kirby would of thought of the show -glad they bought in Inhumans storyline
Johnny Blaze :DThat Malcolm Tucker gets everywhere -He's called The Doctor in this too..

Ming's the very definition of a tough cookie you can catch up with show(if in UK) at
and it might be worth picking up boxsets - mind upset that there's not going to be a season 3 of Agent Carter (unless they can come up with a netflix /amazon deal or perhaps have a flashback story within
a episode of S.H.I.E.L.D ) but would prefer a full season so much potential to build up a history -would of liked to have seen Night Raven in that show (that could of worked - it's almost around same era )But with Peggy I wished it to happen and it did -but  in this dumbass era where it seems misinformation , outward chauvinism and sophism rules the roost  she's needed on tv more than ever.
Whilst making new playlist for personal blog I was looking for videos starring Patrick Macnee and I found pilot to Spy Games a show from late 90's (not sure they it showed in UK..might of been on late at night )Steed stars in the pilot not sure he's in the others but worth looking at on youtube -but needs a proper blu ray boxset -starring Allison Smith as Maxine (Max) London -very much in Avengers style except her martial arts are more action movie style than Emma's unique fighting style .
Had to rely on trusty vlc to do captures although not the largest  pics in the world (thats why it needs to be on blu- ray)there's scant images on web from show (unless they're the size of a postage stamp)I'll post more after I've watched a few episodes (when I can get the time)

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