Saturday, 25 March 2017

March 2017 Playlist 2

I didn't realise Lynda  was in Skyrim too -I'm not very sword and sourcery type of guy (unless its Slaine)-but love Fallout4  but may give it a shot after Mass Effect Andromeda  seeing as Lynda's  providing  voice talent..

Wonder Woman was essential viewing when I was 4 or 5 every Friday in front of the Telly -must of watched that even before first Christopher Reeve Superman movie  came out -so it was a nice surprise to hear Magnolia in Fallout 4 voiced by Lynda Carter so she's featured along with her  daughter Jessica towards end of playlist .

I mentioned R.E.M/Sleater Kinney crossover in last playlist so it was cool to find this footage -Filthy Friends (not sure if Superearth is a seperate project but that features Krist from Nirvana too) I think Led Zep bass guy lends a hand too in the second video.

Brody Dalle -with Spinnerette and The Distillers
Joan Jett & Gaye Advert -I heard about Chuck halfway through compiling this so there are a few Chuck Berry covers .
 Burger Queens from Moscow ..should be on Burger Records ..have to feature them again on Trooperpaloooza (my virtual festival playlist)...
who were playing at a tribute to The Cavestompers drummer so only natural I feature the Stompers again.
Hope from Fetchin Bones.
Surfin' Sounds from Japans Strawberry Parafait..+ The 5678's who'll I'll have to also feature in the next festival playlist -all this talk of spring already.
Hopefully Mass Effect will finally load by the end of this post .. might mean less posting  though

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