Wednesday, 15 March 2017

March 2017 Playlist

Had to start this playlist off with" Rock Lobster !" song about a  crustacean ever -featuring Sleater Kinney & Fred from The B52's apparently Corins also collaborated with ex R.E.M & Nirvana too I'll have to check that out too  for a future playlist.

A few songs from what turned out to be the final Dum Dum Girls gig (although I'd like to think they'll do a an Electrafixion and then reform when I'm a old boy lol )but Kristin's solo album is one of the highlights of 2016  &  theres more to follow...
Two Vids featuring The Vandelles followed by Shakin Street, Helios Creed & Fabienne Shine
Rare footage of Italian Garage Punks The Sick Rose from a Underground flick -then something compleatly different...

been a while since I've featured Bjork on bjlog...Was in Sabbathy mood yesterday so a few Black Sabbath covers headed off by Black Sabbitch.
Had to feature Oz's Daughter Aimee and Aro again here.
Even More Bloody Sabbath -from The Cardigans(who always remind me of my Godson when he was a wee toddler as everytime they showed advert featuring The Cardigans music and a red telephone on wheels he'd jump up and down ..he soon became obsessed with telephones lol.

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