Thursday, 18 May 2017

May 2017 Playlist 2

A little different this playlist as it also features tv and films Suzi Q 's appearance in Minder later on in the playlist.(classic British comedy)

KO & the Yeah Yeah Yeah's start off playlist
Evie Sands...plays guitar upside down just like Jimi.
Britta Phillips covers the Cars (funny video kinda like John Waters although Devine type character gets way more screen-time than Britta herself lol)

Britta also played in Luna which promo  features the late Adrienne Shelly in the video-who directed and starred in video that follows
Surprised to find next video & I doubt it'll be around forever but certainly worth a view  starring Isabelle Huppert and Elina Loewensohn
A couple of tunes from Boss Hog good to see them back with Brood X (wish I still had radio station -but at least there's  Troopapalooza when July hits.. I'll have to plan that out soon )
A constant state of mind for me Mystified
I  thought these guys were Mexican but actually from Essex ...Muertos

Playlist finale is provided by Honeyblood.

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